Who is Camp ASPIRE for?

This program is for the serious Yeshiva athlete looking to grow in his ruchniyus and gashmiyus and to train and prepare for the upcoming school year. We are accepting applications for those entering seventh grade through entering twelfth grade.

What is the learning like at Camp Aspire?

Our goal is for the learning to be engaging, meaningful, and practical. Each shiur will spend time on Gemara, Halacha, Chassidus and Parsha. The learning will be interactive, and the boys will be encouraged to contribute and participate. Shiur will also create an opportunity to forge a relationship with the learning rebbe which we hope will remain a meaningful relationship for the boys throughout the year.

What type of boy are you looking for at Camp Aspire?

Our camp mantra is “all in.” It’s what we expect from our leadership, staff, and campers. We offer an exciting program filled with meaningful ruchniyus and top-notch athletics. We want our campers to be eager and ready to participate in all aspects of camp life.

What will you be doing?

The primary focus of Aspire is to develop the whole athlete; mind, body, and soul. There is serious davening and learning each day, with a strong emphasis on personal growth. On the athletics side, we will be focusing on Basketball skills and player development, with time spent playing other sports, like football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and swimming. Each day will consist of sport-specific training, strength and conditioning, drills, scrimmages, league games, and a night activity.

What is a typical day at Camp Aspire?

Here is a sample schedule

Where is Camp Aspire located and what is the campus like?

Northeast, PA, about twenty-five minutes from Erie. The campus is a historic and updated former college campus with 70+ acres of facilities and fields, situated on a crest, a natural high ground. To the north is the low-lying coastal plain and Lake Erie, and to the south lies the small idyllic town of North East nestled in a shallow valley. North East rises above the grape vineyards, the oldest and largest Concord grape-growing region in the world, stretching from western Pennsylvania through western New York along Lake Erie, centrally located to Pittsburg, Cleveland, and Buffalo.

How does my child get to camp?

Campers can be driven to camp or can fly to the closest airport, Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Camp ASPIRE will provide transportation to and from the airport. 

What flights do you recommend?
To Camp, Monday, June 27th From Camp, Monday, July 25th
Airport Airline Flight # Departure Airport Airline Flight # Departure
LGA Delta 5052 1:48 pm JFK Delta 5274 7:00 pm
EWR United 3537 2:29 pm EWR United 3438 7:37 pm
BAL Southwest 3008 2:40 pm BAL Southwest 2730 7:25 pm
ORD United 535 2:00 pm ORD American 1398 6:38 pm
PHL American 5647 1:50 pm PHL United 3438 7:37 pm*
LAX United 622 7:00 am LAX JetBlue 491 6:55 pm

*Indicates a stopover 

Can one come for part of the session?

To fully gain from the Aspire experience, our campers need to be present for all four weeks. We do not offer a part-time option.

What is Shabbos like at Camp Aspire?

We strive to create a meaningful, inspiring, fun, and enjoyable Shabbos experience for our boys. Beginning with an Erev Shabbos Toameha, leibidig Kabbolas Shabbos, delicious seudos, inspiring Divrei Torah and melodic zemiros; Shabbos is an opportunity to bond with each other and Hashem.

What is the food like?

Incredible! Our food was the highlight of our past two programs. We are able to support campers with food allergies and sensitivities.

Is there a dress code in camp?

Campers are expected to wear appropriate attire for each part of the day. Athletic wear is recommended during all sports and training activities, while pants and shirts with sleeves and collars are recommended for all davening and learning.

Do you allow packages?

We strongly discourage packages from being sent to campers unless there is an extreme necessity. Water and other drinks will be provided both in the dorms and on the courts.

What is the cell phone policy?

Cell phones will be allowed for travel to and from camp. During the program, they will be stored in a safe location on campus.

Whoa, is there a church on campus?

The campus used to belong to Mercyhurst University and the St.Mary’s Seminary. The chapel has been decommissioned and all non-Jewish iconography will be removed from campus prior to the start of camp.